Extrapreneurs Leader EN

Extrapreneurs Leader EN

Training Program for Leader Extrapreneurs 

Trainer: Prof. Michel A. de Kemmeter 

info: hello@wiseholding.ne



With us, the transition is fun and profitable!

Responsible Luc Paré
Last Update 28/09/2023
Completion Time 47 minutes
Members 9
    • How to fill in your Extrapreneurs' project sheet
    • Project Sheet template
    • 1/7 Leading Extrapreneurs - How we are going to regenerate the world in 5 years
    • 2/7 Extrapreneurs Leaders - How to recruit Extrapreneur participants
    • 3/7 Extrapreneurs Leaders - How to help participants choose their regenerative profession
    • 4/7 Extrapreneurs Leaders - Your online training and tools
    • 5/7 Extrapreneurs Leaders - Animation of the group, creating human dynamics, motivation, commitment
    • 6/7 Extrapreneurs Leaders - Financial aspects
    • 7/7 Extrapreneurs Leaders - Take advantage of the best, stay awake share your experiences