A global movement that connects individuals who own, or contribute to, regeneration sites that meet the Club of Brussels Regeneration Standards, promoting the sharing of knowledge and building a global community committed to regenerative practices.


 Are individuals that express a sincere desire to experience   the host's way of life and travel to regeneration sites in   order to experience the host’s way of life and contribute   positively to the development of the regeneration site.

Travel with GULLIVER


The host's  express a sincere desire to share their expertise, which they practise on their regeneratives islands , as well as their environmentally and human-friendly lifestyle. They employ an informal educational approach and lead by example in living in harmony with their environment.

Are you eager to share your expertise in a regenerative setting?

Do you want to be part of a community promoting informal education and living in harmony with the environment?

​​Become a Host

What are some exciting places to explore with GULLIVER now?

Under the radiant sun of Morocco, an exciting project awaits you!

Olivier needs you to help care for the animals while discovering a magnificent region.

Your contribution will make a difference.

Embark on agro-tourism in Morocco with Olivier!

reforestation with Axel in Argentina!

In the heart of Patagonia, an incredible dream has emerged , 

to plant 1 million trees.

Impossible, you think?

Nothing is impossible when we are determined.

Together, let's cultivate a greener future.

Join us to lend a hand.

Embark on ecotourism and  permaculture with Jean-Phillipe in Congo

At Jean-Philippe's place, you will be initiated into respectful and regenerative vegetable cultivation.

He is an expert in this field and is eager to train young people like you.

He has already trained over a hundred individuals in his village and nearby areas.

Jean-Philippe is a highly inspiring person,you will surely have a lot to learn from him and his journey.

Embark on eco-construction in Portugal(Castelo Branco) with Cédric 

Discover eco-construction, learn to build habitats using noble materials while respecting the environment. At Cédric's, many new skills await you such as childcare, welcoming visitors, event organization, and many other super interesting things.

Embark on agriculture in Portugal(Serra da Estrela), with Luis.

Enjoy a peaceful environment in the heart of nature surrounded by animals! Luis is seeking help to take care of his extensive land and all his four-legged companions. If working outdoors and the pure air of nature don't scare you, then this destination is a true dream.

Heading towards wooden construction in Portugal with Dominique or healthy cooking with Orianne

If you love cooking freshly picked vegetables from the garden, learning about lacto-fermentation, making jams, Orianne awaits you to initiate you into culinary secrets. Or if you prefer tinkering by transforming whole trees into cabins or dry toilets, Dominique will guide you. This island located in Linhares da Beira - Serra da Estrela in Portugal could very well be your future little corner of paradise to reconnect with nature.