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Here you'll find all the information you need about the country of your choice, from its economic development to its size and main resources.

We'll also highlight the main natural resources, such as minerals, energy resources, agricultural products or maritime riches, which play an essential role in the economy and development of the country in question.

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Nowadays, environmental energy is of crucial importance, being an essential resource for meeting the needs of our society. 

On earth, various types of energy are available, each with its own characteristics in terms of pollution. Some types of energy are unfortunately more polluting than others, which underlines the importance of promoting and adopting cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.


Housing & Construction

Each country has its own unique building styles, influenced by its history and available resources. You'll have the opportunity to discover a variety of building types, which can be built independently or with more substantial resources. 

From emblematic buildings reflecting a country's history and culture to innovative projects using sustainable construction techniques.


Education & Training

You'll discover a multitude of training courses available, covering various areas of interest. 

In addition to conventional training courses, you'll also have the chance to meet passionate extrapreneurs who are ready to share their knowledge and train you in fields such as agriculture, construction and many others.


Culture, Art & Tourism

If you're passionate about art and culture and would like a career in tourism, explore the many opportunities offered by the development of this field.

 Here you'll discover the many possibilities open to you to exploit your passion and turn it into a profession. Whether as a tour guide, cultural events organizer, arts promotion manager or cultural tourism entrepreneur, you'll find stimulating prospects for showcasing your love of art and culture while contributing to tourism development.


Management - Gouvernance

Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or services. To be successful your content needs to be useful to your readers.

Commencez par le client: trouvez ce qu'il veut et donner-le lui.



There are many different ways to invest, whether in real estate, the stock market, crypto-currencies or even plantations. 

Each type of investment presents interesting opportunities, but it's essential to inform yourself and understand what it consists of, as well as how to go about it, if your investment is to be successful. That's why we've put together some sound advice to guide you in your investment choices. These tips will help you make informed decisions and maximize your chances of investment success.


Jobs & entreprenariats divers

An extrapreneur is essentially an entrepreneur who distinguishes himself by developing in his chosen field. 

If you'd like to get started in entrepreneurship, here are a few tips to get you off to a good start.


Mesurer la Valeur - Monitoring

Measuring is managing. Managing is controlling added value. What matters really ? Money ? … hm… well. 

No money is only the result of lots of work and activated intangible assets. What about learning to measure what truly matters ? Well-being, health, regeneration, thriving communities, connexions and alliances, really pertinent knowledge nature, performance, social value, motivation and engagement,



Farming offers the opportunity to grow your own fresh produce, enabling you to eat it and even sell it to others, just like a talented entrepreneur. On this site, we'll show you all the tips and planting options available in your own country. 

Whether you want to create a vegetable garden in your own backyard, grow plants indoors or embark on a larger-scale farming operation, we offer practical advice to help you succeed. Explore different growing techniques, plant varieties suited to your climate and best farming practices to become a successful agricultural extrapreneur and nurture your passion for farming.


Communication - Communauté - Lien social

Sharing knowledge within the community helps you to develop your project and perform better. 

On this site, you'll find extrapreneurs who can help you on your way.



Mobility is a constantly evolving field that benefits greatly from the sharing of knowledge within the community. By exploring new ways of working and being open to the ideas of others, we can significantly improve mobility.

Extrapreneurs in the mobility field can play a crucial role by proposing innovative solutions and sharing their experiences to create more efficient, practical and environmentally-friendly travel environments.