Kairos Multisolutions

Kairos Multisolutions

Systemic Regenerative Solutions Platform


What is Kairos Multisolutions?

After over 6 months of work under the radar, we finally started to sell, in pre-sales, Kairos tokens. They are financing and backing the ultimate tool: An open source, collaborative platform for sharing the world’s best-in-class regenerative business models.

It will be built around:

– a systemic multi-solutions library with a staffed « Kairos Intelligence Center »

– a marketplace where all can share expertise, franchises, masterclasses, knowledge,… and a « Kairos Academy »

– a global community in where we can find expertise, allies, changemakers, partners

– a launchpad for financing regenerative projects


Our Story

The current economics spaces and currencies are dysfunctional regarding the balance between economic performance, planet and people regeneration, and are too costly and complicated to transform.
This is why combining regeneration of planet and people, in a new economic space, using best-in-class roadbooks and solutions, is our main goal.
We will accelerate ripple effect to give keys to changemakers to spread shifts that our world needs.

In short, using collective intelligence to regenerate planet, people and jobs.

Our Vision

To build a new economy, we need a new type of economic space, an interconnected platform, backed by a new currency (Kairos token), all of it based on the systemic economy model.

We believe that a simple human can make a difference. Let’s unite to make the big one.

The Roadmap





before the ICO…

November 2021

The start

Idea, reflection and beginning of design of White paper

April 01, 2022 – May 01, 2022

Launch of pre-sales

Pre-Sales Phase 1: 500 K Token
Token value of 0.10€

May 04, 2022 – June 10, 2022

Pre-sales Phase 2

Pre-Sales Phase 2: 500 K Token
Token value of 0.14€

June 11, 2022 – July 15, 2022

Pre-sales Phase 3

Pre-Sales Phase 3: 1 000 K Token
Token value of 0.28€

June 24, 2022

10th Systemic Economy Summit

Online publication of the White Paper
Launch of the Kairos Token on Testnet

July 16, 2022 – October 30, 2022

Alpha phase

Alpha Phase: 3.6 M Token
Token value of 0.40€

November 01, 2022 – January 31, 2023

Beta phase

Beta Phase: 2.1 M Token
Token value of 0.75€

January 01, 2023

Creation of ICO

Launch of Kairos version 1.0
Public launch of Kairos platform on Mainnet

February 01, 2023 – May 01, 2023

Gamma phase

Gamma Phase: 1.26 M Token
Token value of 0.90€

May 01, 2023

Public sales phase

Launch of the online platform: 2.0
Growth Strategy

Pre-Sales Phase 1


Pre-Sales Phase 2


Pre-Sales Phase 3

Alpha phase

Beta phase

Gamma phase