Kairos Multisolutions

About Kairos

A new economic space with a dedicated currency to combine environmental regeneration, multiple economic value and human empowerment

what it is

A new economic space with a currency dedicated to "regeneration" to combine environmental regeneration, multiple economic value and human thriving. The platform shares and improves global best practices to enable adaptation and replication of these solutions in other regions, locally. Inspiration empowers the regenerative economy on these regeneration islands - thus growing exponentially.

Background of the project

We believe in human potential, and in immaterial growth, bringing common progress and very tangible solutions to environmental, social and economic issues

Issues, challenges and goals

Create and exponentially grow Regeneration Islands. They are open-air test laboratories, learning from each other globally, for the next generation civilization: restoring biosphere, empower people their best, creating new economic models for global progress and sovereignty

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    The platform is composed of 4 parts:
  • A Knowledge Center, with regenerative « multi-solutions ». Built like a regeneration wikipedia, it will allow the community to learn and reflect via existing businesses, and continuously improve them.
  • A Community, where members will be able to share their projects, exchange skills and expertise, form groups and entrepreneurial communities
  • A Marketplace, where champions, selected multi-solutions, can share their knowledge and creations in multiple currencies including Kairos, and where their members can proceed regeneration
  • A Launchpad, funding platform for regenerative projects (work in progress)

Access to the platform will be offered after a first investment in kairos, all exchanges will go through double currencies ($, € or £ and Kairos)


Michel de Kemmeter


Mohsen Fourati

Project Manager

Luc Paré

Systemic Economy Expert

Kiliane Fox

Chief Administration

Hugo horiot

blockchain expert

Luciano Mendonça

blockchain expert

Thibaut Verbiest


Orianne Corman

Coach & Project Manager

Valérie Braun

Communication & Social Media

Yves Bassens


Anne-Laure Kinnen

Graphic Designer Intern

Marie Bulard

Communication & Strategy

Hana Touati

Marketing & Communication Intern

Hugues Kabuya

Web & Digital platform Intern

brenda deltour